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Chloe of Life Unexpected

Emily is a mindset and success coach and founder of Our Pretty Stories. She is on a mission to empower women and to help them achieve success on their own terms. She wants you and I to become the very best versions of ourselves, so that we can chase our dreams and lead the lives that we really want to. Through her sessions you can expect to experience life changing breakthroughs and transformations and as one of her clients, I can vouch for the fact that her sessions really do transform your life. Whenever our calls ended, I literally came away buzzing, feeling full of confidence and ready to break down some more barriers.

Just that little bit of motivation does incredible things for your mindset. I found that things I had been putting off for months and years, were suddenly getting done. Also the things I was afraid of going for, no longer seemed as scary having someone else there to guide you. In fact, they became fun and easier to achieve. By the time my third session came along, I had already managed to triple my income thanks to my sessions with Emily.

Kukua Darko-Samaroo

I have never really had a real career coach but I am happy I took a recommendation and sought guidance and advice from Emily. Although we don't share professional backgrounds, she was very able to understand the path I have taken to date and help me start to brainstorm how I could take my career forward. Her ability to listen patiently was welcomed. I really was struggling to know what to do following the birth of my second child in terms of my career but she asked questions that really made me consider carefully what I like doing in addition to what I value in a job and in life on the whole. She also made me feel comfortable to be open about my situation discussing my dreams as well as fears.