23 Pieces of Career Advice Every Woman Needs to Hear

  1. Find what you’re passionate about and do what you love.

  2. Be aware of your weaknesses but play to your strengths and surround yourself with people that can do the things you’re not good at better than you.

  3. Strive for progress not perfection. Done is good enough.

  4. Find your cheerleaders, mentors, coaches and trusted advisors.

  5. Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There is courage and strength in vulnerability and you’ll get stuff done quicker that way too.

  6. Set and honour your boundaries, because if you dont no one else will.

  7. Learn to be comfortable in your own company.

  8. Find your voice and use it, especially if you have a seat at the table.

  9. Be a supporter of other women and always pay it forwards.

  10. Stop using words, language and actions that undermine you.

  11. Stop apologising unnecessarily and learn to apologise only when you really need to.

  12. Never get too comfortable or complacent.

  13. The best time to find a job is when you’re in a job.

  14. You only need to know how to do 60% of a job you want to apply for.

  15. Know your worth and ask for what you deserve. Evidence and examples are your armour.

  16. Someone else’s opinion of you is just that, it does not define you.

  17. Learn to talk about your achievements and wins in a way that feels authentic and comfortable.

  18. Ask for a promotion just before you think you’re ready.

  19. It’s not always what you know, but who you know. Nurture your circles and social networks.

  20. If you don’t ask you don’t get, it’s true what they say.

  21. Successful people aren’t lucky. You create your own luck by showing up and doing the work each and every day.

  22. Trust your intuition, it’s usually right.

  23. When something doesn’t feel right anymore do something about it. You always have a choice.

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