3 Things You Need to Create Career Magic

Career magic comes when what we’re doing, and how we’re spending our time at work is aligned with what we want, who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. Most of us spend more time at work than we do with our families and significant others so when these things aren’t met, things feel frictious and harder than they should be. Simply put, we don’t enjoy work.

So how do you create career magic?

By doing what you love. It goes without saying that doing something you are passionate about doesn’t feel as much like work as it does a vocation. If you are lucky enough to be doing what you love, because not everyone is (another post for another day) then things are going to feel good and they are going to feel right. Everything clicks, life flows, you experience being in flow, and when the going gets tough you’ll be able to push through because you want to, not because you have to.

By turning up each and every day as your true and authentic self. By being in a position where you can honour your boundaries, whether these relate to time or other things that are important to you. Erosion of boundaries leads to resentment, disengagement and ultimately unhappiness so having a career that allows you to stay true to yourself and who you are is key.

By working with people that inspire and energise you. You may think that choosing who you work with is not in your control, but actually you do have a choice about the type of people you work with. From the moment you are considering a new role, whether that’s internal or external you should be factoring in the people and team as part of your decision making process. In an interview you are interviewing and assessing the organisation as much as it is interviewing and assessing you. If you are in a role and aren’t going anywhere soon then getting involved in internal projects or taking secondments is also a great way of shaping and influencing who you work with.

So if you don’t feel engaged at work, if you aren’t excited or energised about what you do you could resign yourself to the feeling that this is just the way that life is, or you could look at what you can do to change it and create your own magic, whether that’s in your career, business or life because it exists. I know because I’ve experienced it myself and I promise you its worth going after.