4 Signs it Might Be Time to Change Jobs

Thinking it might be time to change jobs, but not sure whether you should make the leap? Here’s 4 signs that it might be time to…

You Spend More Time Day Dreaming About Doing Something Else

You could be at the top of your game and yet you don’t feel a sense of fulfilment from your achievements. You constantly catch yourself daydreaming about being somewhere else, doing something else. You may not even know what that something is, you just know that you would prefer to be anywhere but where you are right now.

You Permanently Have A Case of the Sunday Blues

Most mornings, if not every morning you wake up with a pit in the bottom of your stomach. That feeling of dread that yet again you have to drag yourself into work. It feels like you permanently have a case of the Sunday blues and every day is a struggle. You wish away the hours at work and cant help but live for the weekends and days off.

You're in a Job That isnt Going Anywhere

You're in a role that offers no progression, no career path, or growth. You could sit in this role for years and not be any better off. This may be ok if you are happy with that situation, but if you're trying to get somewhere or have an end goal that you want to achieve and the role you're in has no career path ahead of it or progression is limited until the person above you leaves then it might be time to look elsewhere.

You Know Deep Down That You Were Meant For Something More

You may not know what it is that you are supposed to be doing, but your intuition tells you that you were made for more than this. This doesnt mean you should leave what may be a perfectly good, or a steady or stable job on nothing more than a gut feeling if you have nothing else lined up or at least a plan B. But what this does tell you, even if you're in a job where you are doing, is that you are probably not doing the thing that you're passionate about. Most people people end up building complete careers in things that they have learned to get good at. But at some point, usually when they retire they realise that they never did the thing that they actually loved because they were too scared to go for it. YOU don't have to be one of those people.

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