Why You Need to Invest in Yourself

One of the biggest investments a person can make in themselves is to invest in a coach. To help them dial up, progress or breakthrough to the next level and phase or stage of their lives. But it doesn't come cheap and why would it. Why would something that enables you to unlock your potential be cheap? If it did would you take it as seriously, would you be as committed, would you want whatever goal, ambition or dream as much? Probably not, and that's why it can't be free. If a person has "no skin in the game" so to speak they are not as likely to be committed, take their time or the coaches time as seriously, be more prone to cancelling, rescheduling or going months between sessions making it hard for coach or coachee to gain any real traction.

I never used to get why coaching was so extraordinarily expensive, but now standing on the other side as a coach I of course totally get it. It is so much more than just about being paid for your time and your worth. It's about being able to seek out those individuals that are ready to show up and do the work. That are ready to put their money where their mouth is so to speak.

An individual that has chosen to make the investment in themselves comes to the conversation with a totally different mindset and from a totally different place. Hungry and eager to get going but most importantly ready to do the work. That is very different from the mindset of someone who approaches coaching from a place of uncertainty, trepidation or expense.

Do you think that individual is going to get the most from coaching if at the back of their mind all they can think about is how much money they're spending? No. So my ask of you is that if you are going to invest in a coach do it wholeheartedly. Do it because you're ready to show up and do the work. Do it because you buy into the value that a coach brings to the table and because you understand the value that comes from unlocking your untapped potential. Do it because you believe you are worth the investment, because you are buying into yourself as much as you are buying into a coach.