I've been where you are...

You're here because you want more. Because you deserve more. I know that feeling, its why I'm here too.


For as long as I can remember I've known that I was meant to do more and be more than the corporate career I have carved out for myself in the city over the last eleven years. I have spent my entire adult life climbing the corporate ladder knowing that there would always be something else. But it took getting to Vice President, having two children and leaving the city twice on two sets of maternity leave to finally realise what that something else was.

Being in the city for that long, being a female and being a mother means you learn a whole lot about juggling, guilt, compromise, dissapointment, happiness, success and survival. Yet whilst I was good at it, it always felt like there was a jigsaw piece missing from my picture. After years of benefitting from fantastic mentors and coaches that just GOT me and supported my journey, I realised that I had so much experience and insight that I wanted to share and started my journey of moving from coachee to coach.

Over the years I have coached high flying senior executives, creatives, mothers and solopreneurs empowering them to achieve success on their own terms and realised that not only am I good at it, but I feel incredibly fulfilled by it and want to do more of it. Which brings me to this very moment here, in front of you with the opportunity to tell you what I can do and how we can work together. How I can support you to overcome your fears, and smash your limiting beliefs. I can even help you figure out what it is you really want then map out how to get there, whilst building you up and empowering you along the way which is what I really do best. Its what I've done for the last eleven years for corporations, it's what I've done for my coaching clients and it's what I can do for you too. All you need to do is take the first step. Are you ready?