are you ready to realise your full potential?

You are not here by chance and neither am I. I am here to empower women just like you to become the best versions of themselves. To lean into their power and find their voice. To be bold, to go big and chase their dreams. To experience life changing breakthroughs and transformations.

Are you ready to realise your full potential, to re-write your story and create a new one of success in its place? Then lets get started. I'm Emily, mindset, success coach and founder of Our Pretty Stories, empowering women to achieve success on your own terms.




"I never would have had the confidence to raise my rates or pitch without our coaching sessions and I can’t thank you enough for that. Your sessions made me realise my worth and you really helped me to break down lots of mind blocks that I had, that were stopping me from moving forward with my business."




"Emily made me feel comfortable to be open about my situation, discussing my dreams as well as fears"